Raising Capital

Granite helps determine a client’s optimal capital structure based on the company’s objectives and identifies the most cost-effective financial instruments available. Then, Granite helps our clients obtain attractive capital quickly and efficiently.

Our financing services include structuring and placing both debt (senior and subordinated) and equity in the private market. Typical financings include growth capital, acquisition financing, recapitalizations and buyouts. We focus on specific terms and conditions to ensure that our clients have flexibility to execute an existing corporate strategy and pursue multiple growth scenarios.

Granite deals with a wide variety of capital providers including commercial banks, finance companies, mezzanine funds, insurance companies, private equity groups, venture capital firms, corporations and individuals.

Granite uses our understanding of both the financial markets and our client’s objectives to prepare an offering memorandum that best communicates the investment opportunity. The appropriate lenders and equity providers are identified and contacted. We evaluate multiple proposals and help select the best partners. Granite’s senior professionals lead discussions at each step of the process and manage all negotiations to achieve advantageous pricing and terms for our clients.

Types of Capital Raised

Senior Debt

  • Lines of Credit
  • Senior Term Debt

Subordinated Debt

  • Convertible Debt
  • Non-Convertible Debt
  • Second Lien Debt


  • Convertible Preferred Equity
  • Redeemable Preferred Equity
  • Common Equity
  • Options and Warrants

Granite Financial Advisors not only help companies raise capital, we contribute the exemplary knowledge and skill that makes us a leader in raising capital and related services. We understand that the business world is constantly evolving, and in today’s entrepreneurial environment, raising capital and building a proper plan and strategy to soundly manage the process is evermore important. New business landscapes require professionals that are established in finance, while maintaining a key awareness of the nuances of technology, emerging markets and changing trends; which is why the Granite team consistently outperforms in their capital raising engagements.

When the questions become complex and you need to leverage the experience and clout of an experienced team of financiers, you need a firm like Granite Financial Advisors working for you.