Mergers and Acquisitions

Granite Financial Advisors provides high level corporate M & A services for acquisitions, business sales and divestitures. We advise and lead the transaction from start to finish and provide at least one senior banker on each transaction.

Granite uses its considerable expertise in a wide variety of different industries to identify the most probable and most suitable candidates to complete a transaction under the most favorable terms for its clients.

Sell Side Representation

Granite works closely with the senior management of corporations and the shareholders of closely held companies to devise the optimal sell-side strategy. We lead the process from the writing of a confidential information memorandum (“CIM”) and production of a financial model to through to final negotiation, due diligence and close. Once the CIM and financial model are complete, we approach a list of high potential buyers. These buyers are identified through a combination of Granite’ extensive market knowledge, industry contacts and proprietary market research.

Acquisition Advisory

Granite represents corporations, private equity firms and investors that are seeking to acquire businesses. We help formulate strategies, identify targets, initiate contact, negotiate terms of the agreement, and raise acquisition financing, if necessary.


Granite works closely with corporate executives to implement divestitures and spin-offs of subsidiaries, divisions, product lines or assets that no longer fit corporate long-range plans. Because most businesses do not employ dedicated staff capable of specializing in corporate divestitures, they rely on Granite to provide a high level of professional expertise. We leverage our resources to identify the most likely buyers for its clients’ corporate assets and conduct the most thorough and confidential auction possible.

Management Buyouts

Granite assists its corporate clients in conceptualizing and structuring buyout plans. We also advise on alternative courses of action, anticipates likely shareholder responses, makes presentations to Boards of Directors and shareholders, negotiates transactions and arranges both debt and equity financing.


Businesses conduct recapitalizations for many reasons: to provide liquidity for shareholders, to reduce ownership in closely-held businesses while keeping controlling shareholders in place, or to reduce the overall cost of capital. Granite helps such businesses determine their most appropriate capital structures in support of future growth. We also assist our clients in structuring, raising and negotiating an optimal debt-equity mix.