Financial Restructuring Advisory

Businesses grow in cycles with the economy. Business downturns are inevitably leading to periods of financial strain on corporate resources. Serious financial strain makes it imperative that companies restructure their financial structure, operational methodologies and modes of behaviors in order to remain viable in the market place.

While the restructuring process is inherently fraught with risk and uncertainty, Granite brings many years of experience producing the desired outcome for its clients. Granite has both the ability to anticipate the many variables of restructuring situations and to analyze these complex variables from the prospective of all constituencies.

Granite’s approach includes

  • Developing strategic plans and financial projections.
  • Assessing debt capacity and valuation of both debt instruments and various classes of equity.
  • Assessing the need to adjust the current corporate capital structure and/or access alternative sources of finance, both debt and equity.
  • Developing plans to take immediate action to address operational problems, liquidity resource limitations, and underperforming markets and products.

Granite’s services include:

  • Providing strategic alternatives analysis.
  • Preparation of complete financial analysis to support a restructuring plan.
  • Provision of complex valuations.
  • Negotiation of multi−party senior and subordinated debt restructuring.
  • Evaluation of Chapter 11 plans and out-of-court settlements.
  • Negotiation with the various constituencies in Chapter 11 filings and out−of−court settlements.
  • Provision of expert litigation support.
  • Financial representation with lenders.
  • Financial representation with credit committees and creditors.