Financial and Strategic Consulting

Granite provides customized advisory services to corporations, investment funds and private equity firms. We bring the strength of our combined research, operational, industry and investment banking experience to answer questions ranging from what is my company worth, to how what market, operational, management and financial decisions to does a company have to make to optimize return on investment.  All of the people on the Granite team have significant industry experience that they bring to their consulting assignments.

Granite provides the following advisory services:

Business Valuations

We provide clients with an expert analysis of their company’s market value as the basis for improvements that would potential lead to enhance their company’s worth. After determining the current status of the business’ value and identifying its corresponding value and risk drivers, each one of these drivers is evaluated in terms of its impact on valuation and its importance given the client’s goals and objectives. The results and insights of this analysis are then summarized in a concise valuation report. This analytical framework allows clients to have a clear roadmap for improving their business’ operations and consequently its market value.

Value Enhancement

The objective of these advisory services is to help senior management prioritize and focus on high-impact areas that may offer the greatest potential to enhance shareholder value. We assist management in evaluating critical areas of the business’ operations through rapid assessment of the managerial, operational, legal, product and service offerings, financial and other metrics of a company. This analysis produces a better understanding of how value is being impacted throughout the company and leads to a tactical improvement plan to capitalize on the company’s strengths and deal with the problem areas. These plans include short, intermediate and long range goals and objectives.

Market Planning

Granite performs strategic market and industry research to assess and validate market opportunities and to create a fact supported strategic market game-plan and new performance targets.